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The true story behind Defiance

Jewish resistance under Nazi rule includes various forms of resistance led against German occupation regimes in Europe by Jews during World War II. The term is generally connected with the Holocaust and includes a multitude of different social responses by those oppressed, as well as both passive and armed resistance led by Jews themselves.

During World War II, around 20,000 to 30,000 Jewish men and women fought against the Germans in military style units. They set up secret encampments in the forests and mountains and hid under straw in barns offered by friendly farmers. They searched for food to eat and clothes and fuel to keep them warm in the harsh Polish and Russian winters or the cold and wet climates to the west. Despite these hardships, they found out how to hit back at their would-be murderers, interrupting food passages, sabotaging power plants and factories, and exploding enemy trains.

Jewish partisans

These brave men and women were partisans, Jewish partisans. Most were ordinary citizens. Many were young, and many had left their houses behind. Being young freed them from the responsibilities that dogged those with small children or elderly parents in the besieged ghettoes. Their struggle to survive against an enemy whose ambition was to wipe them from the face of the earth is a little-known part of Holocaust history.

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